Textbook Caravans

Science and Health Textbook Caravan Follow Ups

The weather did not cooperate with us in Fort Wayne for the Science Caravan, and we had to cancel it.  Presenters have contact information for all who registered and will be reaching out with virtual demo options.  In addition, we have created a contact list for you to reach out directly to the companies you are interested in hearing from.   We are also sharing another resource below to help guide your decisions specific to science.  

Although IDOE no longer requires districts to adopt curriculum on a schedule, the publishing companies still follow the same schedule from past years.  The caravans typically take place in January, following the rotation listed below.  

  • Year 1-Reading/Handwriting
  • Year 2-Language Arts/World Languages
  • Year 3-Social Studies
  • Year 4-Mathematics
  • Year 5-Science
  • Year 6-Art, Music, Business Ed, Industrial Tech Ed, Consumer Sciences