Finding True North

Supporting Student Services Professionals in Member Schools

True North is a constant.  It is always present.  Knowing True North, one can always navigate their way, regardless of the starting point.  For students to find their True North, it takes more than just guidance counselors.  This year, we will be offering two support strands that expand the conversations.  All counselors, mental health providers, student service workers, career counselors and school leaders are invited to join us.  You can choose just one strand or both.  Register Here!


Standing in front of a compass

Past Meeting Resources

Communicating SEL Effectively (link to slides)
Restorative Practices in Schools (recording)(slides)(resources)
Career Exploration and Grad Pathways (recording Passcode: ?0$fYzc* ) (Grad Pathways)
Combating Compassion Fatigue (recording) (slides)

We also encourage you to utilize the Counselor Connect website for statewide information and resources.

Having trouble finding SEL resources on new IDOE website?  They are now located in Moodle.  Follow this Link, search for Student, School and Family Engagement.  Use the password 'engagement'