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Our mission is to create and support regional STEM educator networks through ESCs for the purpose of facilitating collaboration and supporting the implementation of STEM education.

Xplorlabs is a free, innovative digital platform that encourages a new generation of problem solvers to find solutions to real-world engineering challenges. The platform bridges the gap between the classroom and real-world engineering problems and inspires critical thinking and innovative applications of STEM concepts.

There are three Xplorlabs modules:

Extraction to E-waste: Students follow the supply chain of the lithium-ion battery in a mobile phone.

Fire Forensics: Students practice using claims, evidence, and commentary in a forensic burn scene analysis after learning about the dynamics of fire.

Portable Electrical Power: Students learn about the role of testing and failure in an exploration of lithium-ion batteries and thermal runaway in hoverboards.

Xplorlabs Free Digital STEM Exploration

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