Visible Learning Consortium

Region 8 has contracted with Corwin Visible Learning to work intensively with consortium districts in implementing the tenets of Visible Learning.  Currently, this work involves four training days (each year) with designated participants from each district.  This professional development is conducted online, with the facilitator being present in one of the sites for each day.  Each district is also taking steps to becoming a Visible Learning Certified District. 

The benefit of joining our consortium is reducing the cost of training.  Districts have saved over two-thirds of the cost if they would have been going it alone.  An equally valuable benefit is the support and collaborative opportunities that are established as districts do this work together.  Current consortium members are Adams Central Community Schools, Caston School Corporation and Garrett-Keyser-Butler.   

We are hosting a Foundation Day Preview on Tuesday, August 10.  Please email Cindy McKinney ( if you are interested in learning more about the consortium or in attending the Foundation Preview Day.  


Topics that are discussed during consortium training include:

Foundations in Visible Learning

Collecting Evidence for Action

Developing Visible Learners

Deep Dive Into Teacher Clarity

Feedback That Makes Learning Visible