Textbook Caravan 2020-21

The 2020-21 Textbook Caravan Will Be A Virtual Event

Subject Matter:  Social Studies

January 19-20

Day 2 will be a repeat of Day 1

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Indiana Publishers Virtual Textbook Caravan Registration

If someone will be attending multiple subjects they will need to sign up for each one separately.  Upon completing their registration, they will get an email confirmation from “Indiana Publishers Textbook Caravan via Crowdcast” that will have information regarding the Crowdcast platform, a link to access the sessions on the appropriate day and time, and an option to add their selection to their calendar.  All attendees need to register using their school email address.  Anything other than school email we will be removed from the official list and that individual will not have access.  Also, those who have signed up can view the presentations beyond the 20th for at least a week as well as reach out to a company rep to acquire the presentation of choice(s) since all companies had to pre-record for the virtual caravan.

Hot Topics in Social Studies

(to consider when adopting curriculum)

Three Ways Social Studies Teachers Can Combat "Truth Decay"


Although IDOE no longer requires districts to adopt curriculum on a schedule, the publishing companies still follow the same schedule from past years.

Year 1-Reading/Handwriting

Year 2-Language Arts/World Languages

Year 3-Social Studies

Year 4-Mathematics

Year 5-Science

Year 6-Art, Music, Business Ed, Industrial Tech Ed, Consumer Sciences