Textbook Caravans

CIESC Math Curriculum Review Document

Math Caravan Contacts

Bundscho, Jason Jason.Bundscho@mheducation.com

Mccutcheon, Neal neal.mccutcheon@mheducation.com

Saul, Shannon Shannon.Saul@mheducation.com

Miller, Bill bill.miller@mheducation.com

Ann Crawford ann.crawford@hmhco.com

Molnar, Alison Alison.Molnar@cengage.com

Carter Figg carter.figg@newsela.com

Emily Keith ekeith@discoveryed.com

Hoffman, Lexy lexy.hoffman@hmhco.com


Amy Allen Amy.Allen@greatminds.org

Liz Rowoldt liz.Rowoldt@greatminds.org

Rocco, John jrocco@carnegielearning.com



Nathan Toles ntoles@amplify.com

Martha Magrum mmagrum@amplify.com

Obie Martin obmartin@amplify.com

Hoffman, Lexy Lexy.Hoffman@hmhco.com

Kara Haven KHaven@cainc.com

Steenbeke, Tess Tess.Steenbeke@heinemann.com

Gina Rosiello gina.rosiello@savvas.com

Rita Cook Rita.Cook@zaner-bloser.com

Kelly Hoce KHoce@discoveryed.com

David Slamer DSlamer@discoveryed.com

Craig Speelman craig.speelman@savvas.com

Mark Sattele msattele@uworld.com

Lori Chaney LChaney@cainc.com



Although IDOE no longer requires districts to adopt curriculum on a schedule, the publishing companies still follow the same schedule from past years.  The caravans typically take place in January, following the rotation listed below.  

Year 1-Reading/Handwriting

Year 2-Language Arts/World Languages

Year 3-Social Studies

Year 4-Mathematics

Year 5-Science

Year 6-Art, Music, Business Ed, Industrial Tech Ed, Consumer Sciences