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For schools seeking the best protection for 1:1 and BYOD devices, Region 8 would like to encourage districts to consider InsuraTech. After researching the market nationwide, InsuraTech has designed a product that is more robust and cost effective than any other product.  The company is also based here in Indiana meaning all your school's support comes from in-state.
For BYOD districts, InsuraTech can be offered to parents/students at an annual premium rate of only $7 per $100 of insured value.  In other words, a device valued at $300 would only cost $21/year to protect with InsuraTech.
For districts seeking to protect all of their devices, the price drops to only $6 per $100 of insured value plus the ability to realize additional savings by minimizing total claims.  Districts protecting all of their devices also have access to the InsuraTech device management system, a web based tool that tracks all devices and even allows for making claims online.
Both options come with a $50 deductible per claim but cover drops, spills, all mechanical and electrical failures, hard drive crash, Wi-Fi board failure, loose charging port, LCD burnout, accidental damage (not deemed to be from usual wear from use), and theft/robbery or burglary.  Coverage is also available for accessories such as cases, covers, or charging adaptors and cords.
Before considering any other insurance protection or insurance program for your school's technology devices, contact Marc Grager with InsuraTech at 260-589-2156 or