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Achieving Rigor in the K-5 ELA/Science/Social Studies Classrooms



Meet the Presenter:  Laurie Ferry, CIESC Professional Learning Director

Laurie has served on national and state level organizations related to instructional standards, next generation assessments and professional development. Laurie brings over 24 years of educational experience to CIESC. She has presented at state, national and international conferences.


  • Why rigor-understand why the increase in instructional level and student engagement is critical for all students’ success.
  • Explore the myths about rigor and what research tells us about instructional strategies.
  • Define rigor-develop a clear definition and understanding of what rigorous instruction is and how DOK plays a role.
  • Explore the role of the teacher to increase rigor in the classroom.
  • Key teaching strategies that can help students engage in Cognitively Complex Tasks.

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