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Learning By Design Posts

The Modern Classroom: How can technology expand student horizons?

Clearing the Fog on eLearning: 4 Tools for Consideration

A Craftsman's Legacy - Giving Every Child A Voice

The Best Time to Plant a Tree....


Run Hard, Rest Well Posts

Irrisistible Invitation- Get Outside!

Red Flags Flying!  Knowing When to Rest...

No is often the HARDEST word to say, but also the most needed!

Increasing Your Possibility of Success

Rest?  Are you kidding me?

Media Literacy Posts

Are you looking for short videos on issues that you can view with your students on Media Literacy?  

Are you a Digital Hoarder? Read this article to find out!

Media Literacy Week Special Edition!

Check out this Padlet on media literacy!

Know My News Quiz
Do you have the chops to tell fake from fact, news from nonsense? Do you have the skills that journalists at NewsGuard, a company that rates the credibility of news sources, use to evaluate whether news and information sites are reliable?

New Media Literacy Standards
Standards are aimed to combat "truth decay"

Safer Internet Day from Pear Deck
Safer Internet Day was February 9, but it's not too late to check out these resources!

ALLSides Media Bias Chart
The AllSides Media Bias Chart™ helps you to easily identify different perspectives so you can get the full picture and think for yourself.

Common Sense Ed Tech Tools Search
In depth and trusted reviews by Common Sense Education experts to help you find the right app, game or website for your classroom!

Determining the Credibility of Sources
It's research paper time!  Check out this resource to help your students determine the reliability of a source.