Newsela Discount

Newsela is an instructional content platform that makes publisher content more accessible and dynamic, covering a wide range of nontraditional sources and diverse perspectives on topics that students care about in elementary, middle, and high school. Students are immersed in an interactive, digital reading experience where content adapts to each students’ reading level through five Lexile Levels. Content is fresh, engaging, flexible, differentiated, standards-aligned, and personalized. Teachers have access to embedded resources, activities, low-stakes quizzes, and insights to monitor student reading to support, inform, and enhance instructional decisions.

Consortium Pricing

Newsela is pleased to work with Region 8 ESC in developing a state-based consortium pricing arrangement to benefit schools and districts included among the twelve Region 8 ESC organizations in Indiana. This arrangement is intended to make Newsela PRO attractive and affordable for the smaller districts and schools under the Region 8 ESC-Newsela arrangement, especially as more schools participate.

There is general 20% discount on all products provided to Region 8 ESC member schools and districts.


All Access PD Pass to the Teacher Learning Hub

Give teachers unlimited learning - on demand.

✔ Convenient. Busy teachers can access self-serve resources on their own schedules.

✔ Diverse. No more one-size-fits all PD. Teachers can browse resources that are the perfect fit for the subject they teach.

✔ Ongoing. With over 30 hours of live sessions and new resources added every month, the Hub will always have something fresh and useful for teachers.Custom PRO Learning Packages

Choose your own learning model. Our team of former classroom teachers turned expert trainers will partner with you every step of the way.

✔ In-person. A professional learning manager will work with your teachers on site. this allows for maximum interaction and one-one support.

✔ Blended. A professional learning manager will spend one day with teachers on site. The remaining workshops will be delivered virtually.

✔ Virtual. A professional learning manager delivers your training virtually. Teachers join from classroom                                                                                                                                                                                                              

To view to the webinar recording which outlines the features of Newsela PRO, click HERE