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Region 8 co-hosts a monthly EL Excellence Collaborative along with Huntington University TESOL to support our local EL educators!  These meetings are after school and virtual. 

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Your Educational Service Centers have partnered with Indiana University East to offer an opportunity to address the required EL Teacher of Record Requirements approaching by September of 2022.

Explanation of opportunity: 

NOTE: This course will be an introductory section that could be stacked to receive a full minor or graduate certificate (per the IDOE expectation) if the participant chose to pursue further coursework. However, currently only one class would be required to complete the rubric option attached. 
EDUC-L530: Topical Workshop in Language Education
Foundations for EL Instruction
Course Description: Individual and group study of special topics in the field of language education. Updating and improving the teaching of English, English as a second or foreign language, foreign languages, and reading.

This course is designed to address topics relating to EL Education, language education and the improvement of instruction for English Learners at all levels. It will also reference many compliance requirements. All class members will be practicing educators who are taking the course for the same reasons, so topics have been tailored for this specific audience.  
Course topics include, but are not limited to: 
• Guiding principles of language instruction
• Compare and contrast academic and social language
• Content and language objectives 
• Comprehensible input
• Planning with instructional supports
• Developing an ILP 
• Collaboration: EL & Gen ED teachers 
• Differentiating and scaffolding for language learners
• Analyzing English language learner assessments
• Engaging English learners and their families  
This course includes 8 asynchronous modules that will be completed over the 8 weeks at a schedule that works for the learner.  There will be three required live Zoom meetings during the 8 weeks, day/time TBD.

Summer 2022: June 6- July 29

Register here: https://forms.gle/a9jNwRyu4wBZFMXV9