Crisis Prevention Training

Crisis Prevention Training

All behavior is a form of communication, and escalating behavior is the communication of increasing distress.  If their needs are not addressed, their level of distress may increase, which could escalate into a crisis.   Crisis prevention training provides skills development in the four levels of an escalating crisis and identifies approaches for each level to prevent or de-escalate a crisis moment.  All of these areas are addressed through the lense of trauma-informed practices.   

Programs can be customized to meet individual district or school needs.  Potential options are listed below:

  • Trauma-Informed Verbal Interventions-2 hours

  • Verbal Intervention Training (w/o disengagement or holding skills)-6 hours

    • Integrated Experiences
    • Communication Skills
    • Responding to Defensive Behaviors
    • Decision Making
    • Post Crisis
  • Crisis Intervention Training-12 hours (6 hours online, 6 hours in person)

    • All of the above modules plus
    • Safety Interventions
    • Disengagement Skills
    • Introduction to Restrictive Interventions
    • Holding Skills


Cost is $60/per participant for either the Verbal or the Crisis Prevention Training for materials.  Two-hour session is provided at no charge and can be done virtually.

Email Cindy McKinney for more details or to schedule a training.