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6:00 am - 4:30 pm M - F.
800-669-4565 or 260-724-6200

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eSchool Solution’s Substitute Employee Management System provides automated substitute placement for absent teachers.
Via the on-line SmartFindExpress or by use of a touch-tone phone, teachers report absences 24 hours a day, toll free, up to a year in advance, and the system calls qualified substitutes for possible placement, starting 30 days before the absence.
Substitutes can login to SmartFindExpress to view/accept open assignments. Teachers can request their ‘favorite’ substitute, and the system will give that person priority before moving down the list of qualifications by job responsibilities, site, and corporation.

The advantages of Region 8 ESC’s involvement in this program are numerous as well:

  • This is a centralized system (housed at eSchool location), eliminating:

    • Need for local floor space, system administrators/operators, dedicated phone line analog line cost.

    • Multiple computers, software, and maintenance contracts in several corporations in this area.

  • Ongoing training of multiple personnel.

  • Help desk coverage from 6:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., M-F

  • A larger sub pool than might be achieved individually.

  • Ongoing training for subs, teachers, and administrators as might be required.

  • More cost-effective data capturing and maintenance arrangements

  • Windows-based system with enhanced daily/weekly job reporting capabilities

  • Web-based system with real-time job reporting and historical data available

As of June 2013, the system supports approximately 4100 teachers and over 1000 substitutes serving 12 Northeast Indiana school districts.

Contact Connie Rich at Region 8 ESC with questions or for more information.

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