Makerspace Initiative 2018-19

Through a grant funded from the Olin B. and Desta Schwab Foundation, Region 8 ESC is facilitating a Makerspace educational program supporting current and past PBL and STEM efforts in the region.

A focus of this grant is to build a professional learning community of Makers by providing training, a collection of resources and access to a collaborative and informational website. These elements will connect Makers in education across NE Indiana, building a network and partnership between business, nonprofits, government, and education to support, sustain, and grow the initiative while planning for future possibilities. The ultimate goal is “Making Possibilities for Students of NE Indiana.”

· Makerspaces allow students to develop skills important to college and career readiness which include, but are not limited to, deep understanding, entrepreneurship, technology, computational thinking, innovation, metacognition, and design thinking.

Teams of elementary/middle school teachers (two/building required) are invited to attend 3 training sessions each. Included in this opportunity ( $2500 value per school):

· Gifts and resources at each day’s training totaling $200/teacher.

· Mini-grant for purchase of Makers’ materials funded at $500/school (1/2 of funds to be released following attendance at 2nd day of training.)

· Professional Development training provided for 3 days valued at $800/teacher. (School/district will absorb      the cost of substitute teachers.)

· 18 Professional Growth Points/teacher for the 3 days of attendance.


NOTE:  A signed letter of support from a building principal or a superintendent is required for participation.  Form will be sent upon registration.

Training includes:

· Why Makers’ (alignment with STEAM), and Development of Visions, Goals, and Organizational Systems

· Exploration of Activities, Sites, Resources

· Expanding Activities into Standards Aligned Lessons

· Application Opportunities that will build a Makerspace Resource Collaborative repository of lessons, reflections, and idea sharing

· An opportunity to be a member of the NE Indiana Makers Professional Learning Community

· Cohort 5: December 4, 2018; January 15, 2019;  February 26, 2019

· Cohort 6: December 5, 2018;  January 16, 2019;  February 27, 2019

If interested, submit information HERE